Tagil Lacquered Metal Tray. Set

URAL (Oct '17)
250 g

Do not put hot things on it. Do not cut anything on it. It can damage lacquer coat.

Wipe with a soft damp cloth without using of abrasive agents.

Made of iron, primer, enamel, lacquer.
You hold a Tagil lacquer tray, a unique handiwork with three hundred year history of handicraft. The history of this handicraft originates in ancient settlements and little villages located in the Urals and features itself, as they say, the Ural way of life - a symbol of the Ural mining civilization. Nizhny Tagil, the largest industrial center in the Urals, is the homeland of the Russian lacquered metal tray. The Tagil lacquered metal tray painted with bunches of Rowan berries is a trademark of artisan handicraft in the Ural region.
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