Russian Family. Traditions (Aug '17)
300 g

Wooden toy with a 300-year history.

The toy "comes alive" and gets actuated with rotation.

Hand-painted toys in an assortment.

Handmade of lime that dried for 4 years

Hypoallergenic paints.

There is a legend about the history of the creation of the world famous toy. They say, in a small village near Sergiev Posad a large peasant family lived. They were poor. Once the mother decided to enjoy her children and make them a toy. She sewed it, but a few days later the children tore the toy. Then she made it of straw, and by the evening the doll fell to pieces. Then the woman took a block of wood and created the toy from it. The children had played it for a long time. When they got bored with the toy, their father took it to the fair to sell. A merchant saw the incredibly amusing toy there, liked it and ordered the whole batch from the peasant.

Since then most of the inhabitants of the village of Bogorodskoye have been craftsmen of toys.

Pecking Chickens Toy has been around for at least 3 centuries. In the days of the poet Alexander Pushkin, children played it. The toy's intriguingly mechanical and comes to life when you hold it in your hands and make a flat circular movement. This will make the ball swing in circles, which pulls the string attached to each hen’s neck. The hens will peck in succession, making a mesmerising rhythm!

Both children and adults love it!
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