The Russian Tea Party (Jan '17)
1100 g
There is everything to have tea in Russian style: a great tea pair, fragrant Ivan Tea and traditional Russian gingerbread. Russian charm in every detail.

Semikarakorskaya ceramics. Tea pair and tea bag holder

Wonderful snow-white handmade tea pair and tea bag holder with the romantic and beautiful floral pattern inspired by Cossack folklore and Don landscapes. Handmade and hand-painted.  It is unlike anything else. Fill your everyday life with exciting beauty.
Authentic Russian Ivan Tea 
Ivan-Tea is a traditional Russian fermented herbal beverage. It is made from wild willow-herb. Caffeine-free Ivan-Tea is a drink for daily use. But the most important of its property is to restore and maintain the body's metabolism. The tea helps to restore strength due to the high protein content that is easily and quickly absorbed by the body. With its rich composition of minerals and vitamins, Russian Tea helps with stress. Have you known that Ivan-Chai contains 6,5 times more of Vitamin C than a Lemon? As you see tea is just a miracle. Tasty, fragrant and fresh.
Pokrovsky Gingerbread Cookie

A wonderful souvenir for your loved ones. Favorite treat of both children and adults. It looks nice on the outside and unbelievably tasty on the inside.
Pryaniki in the assortment (a decoration may differ from those on the picture).
All components are handmade products made on the Russian small private enterprises.

Semikarakorskaya ceramics. Tea pair and tea bag holder

Handmade from ceramics and hand-painted.
Can be washed in the dishwasher. Do not use any corrosive cleaning agents but use water and a non-scratching sponge instead.
Volume 7 ounce.

Russian Ivan Tea
Ingredients: juvenile leaves and blossom clusters of willow-herb (fireweed narrow-leaved) fermented in large granules.
The Way of Preparation: Rinse a teapot with boiling water. Put tea in the teapot on the basis of 1 teaspoon per 100 ml. boiling water. Wait at least 15 minutes. Recommended brewing more than once for you can take all nutrients from tea. 
Gathered and manufactured by hand.

Weight 80 g. (2,8 oz)

Pokrovsky Gingerbread Cookie

A favorite Russian gingerbread cookie with the rich filling of caramelized milk and walnuts.
Ingredients: White flour, sugar, water, margarine, salt, cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, citric acid, condensed milk with sugar, walnuts, milk frosting, cream. 
Net Weight - 130 g. (4.59 oz)
NOTE Tastes and fillings of the components are in the assortment.

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The Russian Tea Party
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