Krasnodar Tea

90 g

Weight: 50 grams
Type of tea: Black
Packing: Sheet
Brand: Krasnodar since 1947
Packing type: "Qwintry"
Expiration date: 3 years

Krasnodar tea is what Russia can proudly boast of. It is widespread in the South, 20 km from the center of Sochi, a favorite Russian summer beach resort, in the mountainous area with green pastures, forest and silence. It is the only place on the planet where the tea plant’s growth rate is interrupted due to its climate location. This fact makes Krasnodar tea the most delicious and healthiest in the world. In the tropics, it is harvested all year round. In Krasnodar, the crop is available from May until the end of September. The cold and the snow makes the tea bush stronger, extreme conditions increase the tea quality. Half a year it accumulates strength, and the first May harvesting contains caffeine, tannin, catechine, antioxidants 2-3 times higher than regular tea. Therefore, the Krasnodar May tea is a frequent and steady winner of various international competitions. In Russia, it is a Laureate of Best Product of the Year.
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