Dymkovo Pig Toy

150 g

The Dymkovo toy cannot be confused with any other form of folk craft. Extraordinarily bright and colorful these toys are a vivid picture of the triumph of life itself. Each artisan has her own unique style thus making the toy even more vivacious and the one and only.

The origin of this unusual craft could only come from the traditional fabulous boisterous and merry spring holiday, called the "Whistling dance" or Svistopliaska in Russian (also a colloquial term for pandemonium) during which everyone was supposed to dance, whistle and throw special colorful clay balls. The holiday has been originally celebrated in Vyatka. The craftswomen of Dymkovo district had long been preparing for the festival, moulding clay whistles in the shapes of goats, horses, sheep and ducks. 

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