Ded Moroz Matryoshka

Russian New Year (Dec '16)
150 g
To play with this unique matryoshka is amazing and interesting. A Ded Moroz, a Snegurochka, and then a Christmas tree! They are all hollow to fit inside each other. Isn't it magical? Kids love to play with Matryoshka dolls. Besides, the Matryoshka is very useful for early child development. Apart from providing fine motor skills, a child also learns to compare shapes by height, size, color, and volume. It also helps develop thinking and logic. Not only for children! An adult would love to have a matryoshka because it's so sweet and lovely! By the way, this toy is handmade in a factory that has been producing matryoshka dolls since 1930, in a small provincial town of Nolinsk.  
Ded Moroz is a good wizard who makes the Russian winter cold, and incredibly beautiful, and he fulfills wishes to all those who mean well. Snegurochka, his granddaughter and her forest animal friends give him a lot of help.
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