Christmas Tree "Matryoshka" Ornaments

Russian Christmas Present (Dec '18)
250 g

By the way, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees for New Year and Christmas came to Russia from Europe. In 1700, Peter the Great, the first Emperor of All Russia issued a decree. The tradition of decorating Christmas trees rooted and has become naturalized in its own way in Russia. At first, the trees were decorated with fruits, natural and artificial flowers to create the effect of a tree in blossom. Later, decorations became fabulous: gold plated cones, boxes with surprises, sweet delights, nuts and burning Christmas candles. Soon handmade toys were added: children and adults made them from wax, cardboard, cotton wool and foil. And at the end of the 19th century, wax candles were replaced by electric fairy lights.

How to add true Russian style to the Christmas tree? Decorate it with the Matryoshka dolls! They are so bright, beautiful and dressy.
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