What is a subscription?

A subscription is a monthly delivery of boxes from Russia that is billed automatically every month according to the plan you’ve selected. Boxes are shipped right to your doorstep. You can save up to $132 per year if you prepay a subscription for a longer period.

What is MyRussianBox?

Each box is an informative and fascinating story, 6 different items with the Russian soul (food, crafts, textiles, household items) and a recipe of traditional Russian cuisine. It's a real trip to Russia without leaving home.

How does it work?

You choose the suitable subscription plan, sign up, charge the subscription any way through the international PayPal service and enjoy MyRussianBox with 6 items in it delivered right to your home. After prepaid period (1, 3 -month and 6-month prepay plans), the subscription is charged automatically if you don’t cancel it at any time.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes, you can. Go to your account here and click on the "edit" button at the bottom of the left side menu and then on "cancel". Subscription cancellation needs to be made prior to your next renewal date. In the case of the month-to-month plan, this is on the 20th of each month. For the 3-month and 6-month plans, it would be on the 20th of the first month after your plan's months have concluded.

What is in the box?

MyRussianbox is carefully handpicked exclusively Russian-made items from all the corners of the country. Every box is devoted to one predetermined topic. It can be geography (Siberia, the Caucasus, the Urals), holidays (New Year in Russia, Maslenitsa (the pancake week), Day of the Family), traditions (tea ceremony, party with friends), etc.

How much is the box?

It costs from 93$ FREE SHIPING. The price depends on the subscription plan: the more prepay plan you select, the more you save.

How can I reduce the box cost?

If you choose a plan for a longer period, you can save up to 132$ per year.

Can I order one-time box?

Yes, you can. You can do it by subscribing month-to-month plan and then canceling your subscription right after payment confirmation till next renewal date (on the 20th of each month).

Or you can select “BUY A ONE-TIME BOX” at the bottom of the signing-up page. You’ll get this box once and see whether you like it. If you do, you will safely order subscription boxes choosing the most suitable plan for a low price. TEST BOX is exactly the same as the subscription box we send in the current month.

Where do you ship?

We ship all around the world.

Can I buy a subscription as a gift?

Yes, you can order a subscription for your friends, parents, colleagues, and relatives. Just enter the recipient's name & shipping address when submitting your order. You can write your wish or greeting to a friend by writing us an e-mail with the text on info@myrussianbox.com.. We will send a beautiful card with the wish to your friend. Such cards we put only in a gift subscription boxes. If you no send messege, we write a message like that:

“Dear David*! You got this box from Russia as a gift from Victoria*. Every month for the next half-year you will get a box and learn about Russian culture and traditions. To know details about the project or to reciprocate Victoria*, visit myrussianbox.com”.

The names of the recipient of the gift and the customer will be indicated.

When you purchase a gift subscription, you’ll be charged every month for the gift package and your recipient will receive the box monthly until you cancel.

Can I have more than one subscription?

Yes, you can. You can have as many subscriptions as you want. For example, you can order 2 boxes to your home (you can keep one to yourself, you can hand another to your neighbors or friends as a token of your appreciation or as a present!) Or you can give one of those unique souvenirs and great things to whoever you want. As well, you can have one subscription delivered to your home, another subscriptions - to your friends as a present (see details in preceding paragraph)

How can I know what would be in boxes?

Every month we announce only the following box. However, you can leave your suggestions and wishes about stuff anytime on Facebook or by e-mail us at info@myrussianbox.com.

How can I report any issue with my order?

Please, contact us at info@myrussianbox.com if you have any questions about your order. We’ll respond quicker if you include your order number and your e-mail address in the email for our reference.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us on any matter anytime at info@myrussianbox.com.

Is it possible to find MyRussianBox stuff in stores in the USA?

We know that there are many Russian stores in the USA. However, the things included in MyRussianBox are rather unique. They are produced by small factories and family companies. It is not easily and almost impossible to buy MyRussianBox stuff in the USA. It is not typical products. Even such traditional souvenirs as matryoshkas, etc. that surely will be in our boxes are carefully selected and purchased directly fromfactories with many yearsof successful work. Of course it is very unlikely that you can find all of things in one store, or in one online shop, and certainly not for cheap.

More than that we collect items on one topic and put cards with detailed information about each of them, and 1 recipe card with one of our favorite recipes (so you can have your own unique collection of Russian recipes).

What if I have food allergies?

Contact us at info@myrussianbox.com and let us know what kind of allergy you have. If it will be necessary, we will change box composition personally for you! There is complete product contentof every food item in English.

I'd like to travel to Russia. Where should I start and how can you help me?

The MyRussianBox project gives everyone an opportunity to discover Russia without leaving home and provides an awesome experience of making sense of Russia. When subscribing you will get thematic boxes from Russia with the Russian vibes every month (or bi-monthly). They are full of various items which tell you about the country and the people and get you excited.

However, if you dream to visit our hospitable country and to see how diverse and magnificent it is, you are always welcome.

Besides Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are many cities and places worth seeing where you can spend several hours or even several days and enjoy every moment. If you ever come to our hometown Vyatka (Kirov, Kirov region), we will definitely meet you and make a tour around this ancient 644-year-old town.

If you wish to explore Russia's vast lands, take culturally rich directions, reveal fascinating Russian cities and have a wonderful time in the country our partner Russia's leading travel agency IntoRussia makes your trip special.

IntoRussia has been specialising in the creation of perfect holidays in Russia (group and independent) and visa support for people all over the world since 1932. With more than 80 years of experience and ABTA, IATA and ATOL protection they will offer you great tours for any budget. Quote MYRUSSIA promo code to get 10% off any tour. Free visa support is included!

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